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Businesses can bask in the appreciation of BarCampBoston attendees, too!

Check out our Sponsorships page for information.

BarCamp Voluntary Admission Fee

Click below to pay a voluntary admission fee in any amount via PayPal (collected by BarCamp Boston Treasurer Shimon Rura, shimon@rura.org).

BarCamp Boston 4 is coming up on April 25-26, 2009. We’re raising money to pay for food, drinks, t-shirts, and supplies. BarCamp is organized entirely by volunteers; all contributions go directly toward funding conference operation costs.

Your voluntary admission fee is voluntary; you're welcome to participate in BarCamp without paying. But if you can contribute something toward our costs, it will help make this event better and show support for future BarCamps in Boston.

Note that although your donation will go 100% toward conference expenses, BarCamp is not registered as a tax-exempt organization and your payment is not exempt from taxation.

There is no specific reward for contributions under $250. They’re just a way for conference participants to chip in. Not every participant is obligated to donate, but if you can kick in $20 or so without worrying much, it would really help. We’ll have a donation box at the registration table for cash donations during BarCamp, but credit card donations are welcome here.

If you or your company would like to donate $250 or more, please read about sponsor benefits on the barcamp wiki, and make your payment on the Sponsor Payment Page.

Thank you!

...and we look forward to seeing you at BarCamp!

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